Dealing with late landed costs and integrity issues



dimitrishuk Sep 19, 2019 1:02 PMHi,
Hi All, we have a repeatedly cascading problem that is causing us a host of issues with "Item Ledger / Account Integrity". We are on JDE World A9.2.

Take the below example

G/L DateCreation DateDoc NoDescriptionExtended Cost (F4111)Account Ledger (F0911)Variance
12/1/201816/10/2018OV18000137Landed Cost184,7000184,70000
12/1/201812/1/2018OV18000109Inventory Receipt52.800,0052.800,000
12/1/201812/1/2018IM14999Inventory Issue to Workorder-14.919,53-14.896,62-22,91

Basically, inventories are received, they are sold or issued to work orders and debited from stocks in inventory ledger (F4111). There are many cases when landed cost is added in later in time (see creation date) with a different G/L date, totals and unit costs are recalculated, but all of a sudden all transactions that follow no longer balance with the G/L (F0911).

I'm personally stumped on how to fix this. The simple answer is not to receive inventory without landed costs, or just expense them when they are too late. Business on the other hand says that neither of these options are good enough. How does everyone else approach this?