E9.2 UOM Error in Inventory Transfers

Hi all, Has anyone seen an error in F4113 Inventory Transfers where you get the error message "Duplicates Not Allowed" and the UOM field highlighted RED. We are pulling our hair out here trying to understand why we get the error on some items and not others. In our example the UOM code 67 represents 900 Dozen (Eggs) This is the primary UOM for the item. If we try a transfer with a QTY of 1 we get the error but if we change to a UOM of EG (egg) with the same QTY it works BUT THEN, if we specify a QTY of 10,800 (900 DZ x 12 to get eggs) we get the same error again. Even if we strip out all other conversions from the item and just leave 67 we get the errror.

Thanks in advance


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