E9.2 Is Item Reclassification necessary in this case?


We have some items that were not originally set up using the least measurable Primary UOM. In other words, these items are set up as "Case", but we sometimes sell them as "Each". Items with new item numbers and a Primary UOM of "Each" have also been created. When a customer buys these items as "Each", our warehouse personnel use Item Reclassification to reclassify the Case item to the Each item every time this happens.

Is this the standard way of doing this?
The standard way would be to have one SKU with Primary UOM = EA, and a case conversion. This works with the system for both each and case transactions.

You could just use the case item for the each sales, but most folks get uneasy when there are decimal cases in inventory; hence the lowest-saleable UOM for every item is the JDE standard. If the conversion is messy, e.g. 9 EA / case, you can convolute both the item ledger and general ledger with calculated penny differences depending on the each quantity and the case costing of every transaction. You could also use an inventory adjustment transaction to remove the case quantity and increase the each quantity, but this is fraught with similar errors as using item reclassification--I know my experience is users find every way to do these adjustment/reclassifications incorrectly.

All-in-all, I would suggest obsoleting the case item and use the each item for all transactions moving forward.