E9.2 Orchestrating Item Master Description into Non-Stock PO Line Detail



Hello everyone!

I am currently working on a project in Orchestrator Studio/JDE that I believe I'm over complicating.
That's why I need you fine folks to hopefully set me on the right path before I pull my hair out. 🙃
Working in JDE tools release

Project Background
Current process for entering a NON-STOCK purchase order in (P4310|W4310A):
Enter a supplier number
Enter an item number
Enter item qty
Enter line type: "N"
Press enter
Once I press enter the item description (highlighted below) pulls as such (for ALL item numbers).

Our purchasing department would like for the Description 1 field in a NON-STOCK purchase order to emulate what we have entered in item master as opposed to the generic description highlighted above.
So in my mind creating an orchestration, a form extension utilizing the Associate Orchestration option, and adding a button to the application (P4310|W4310A) is a great solution.
I've built the below orchestration with no luck.
Here's a breakdown of each component within the orchestration:

Rule -

F4101 Get -
F0005 -

End Outputs -

I have created, recreated, added, deleted, etc. in hopes of figuring this out.
JDE doesn't report an issue with the orchestration but the Description 1 field is not pulling in the item master data.
I'm sure it's user error x10 but figured I would reach out to the community.
Also sorry for the overload of information and images! Just want to make sure I put everyone on the right path.



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Hi Brittney, thanks for all of the good screenshots!
I assume some folks way more experienced with me will pipe up here with better info I could give, but I think one thing I can contribute is to ask you to toss in a couple more screenshots where you're mapping the inputs and outputs of "associate orchestrations" dialogue. What do those 2 screens look like?
When you run this from Orchestrator Studio does it return the right results? Or are you only having an issue associating the orchestration?

I do see several potential issues with your data request F0005. I'm not actually sure what you are trying to do with this data request, so I'll speak generally.

1. You are only specifying product code and user code as inputs. You also need to include system code. By not specifying system code, it might not be pulling from the UDC you want.

2. On the Transformations screen shot for this data request, you haven't mapped in any input values, so your results will be unexpected.

3. Your data request is pulling from F0005D. The F0005D is the UDC alternate descriptions table, so only contains the descriptions translated into languages other than your domestic language. As you don't specify language as an input to the data request, you will get whatever translation pops up first. If you don't have any language packs installed or translations entered, you won't get something back. The domestic language description is in F0005.

4. I'm not sure about this, but you may need to handle leading spaces manually in a data request over F0005. The KY field in the F0005 has leading spaces on the code. But the user code stored in other tables doesn't have the leading spaces. The JDE framework deals with this behind the scenes when building SQL statements. However, I know from writing manual SQL statements to get data that I have to deal with it building SQL statements outside of JDE.

I would suggest that you use a form request over P0004A to get the UDC description rather than a data request. P0004A will handle translations for you automatically based on the user's profile language. And it will handle the leading spaces.

Best Regards,
I finally figured it out and I definitely was over complicating the orchestration.
Thank you for the responses :)