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Total Hours/Miles on Equipment


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I'm trying to find either a report or inquiry that will tell me the total hours (or miles) on a piece of equipment. In particular, say I have a machine that I have changed out the hour meter during it's use. Within the Meter Update program, you can tell it when you do this so that it continues "counting" properly (for Preventive Maint. purposes, for example) but I would like to know total # of hours I have used the machine. Any ideas? I'd write a WW if I knew where the data was.

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, SP14.2 V4R5 (not happy)


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I believe life-to-date hours are equal to the current reading minus the original reading. I.E. Current = 500, orig = -1500 then LTD hours = 2000.