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Hello List,

Figured I would give the update on Service pack 14.1 (since i said i would).

Install went without a hitch.

Did a full Client /Server Package Build.

2 BSFN came up with errors n09e0009 and n1701080.
Found 2 entries on KG that say they are obsolete, I have a call in to confirm that its true. if so i will just 88 them.

14 seams to be doing a lot better error checking then previous service packs (I think this is a good thing).
One example of this is we were getting an error on 1 BSFN that we were not getting before. It was that this
BSFN had references to 2 fields that were not in the View, but was never reported as being an error. Once 14
went on we started getting the error, sure enough look on the KG and there was a sar to fix it that had been out
for about 7 months. Installed the fix and problem went away.

Now on the Memory Violations that SP14 was going to Fix.

This WAS the error that was coming up a lot. for us at Quickie most users were getting this error 1 to 5 times day. some
users got it even more then that
[Invalid Overwrite or Read] The system may become unstable. Please debug the Application using the Event Rule Debugger. Application:pXXXX
Event :Visual Assist Button is Clicked
We have not seen this error yet, 5 days later.

only problem that we have encountered so far is a new error that reads.

[Invalid overwrite or read] the system may become unstable. Please debug the Application using
the Event Rule debugger.

This error has popped up about 9 times so far in 5 days. Which is not bad but i am looking for a fix. Putting a call in
to support about it today. It is a small problem compared to the visual assist one. If anybody hears anthing on this
error please give me a shout.

- Brian

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JdEdwards OneWorld 7.332 SP14.1
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Microsoft SQL Sever 7.0 SP2 Hotfix 851
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