E9.2 QR Code not working on a server.


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We are trying to print a QR code on PDF outputs. We were successfully print QR codes on PDF outputs locally. We move the report definition to a server. Now we cannot print QR codes.
We took XDO log and found the error message "XML-22044: (Error) Extension function error: Error invoking 'qrcode':'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/zxing/qrcode/decoder/ErrorCorrectionLevel". According to Oracle document 2786953.1, the fix is in or higher. Also the document says that two JAR files are missing form the Tools.

Is there a workaround for this issue? Does anybody know what two JAR files are missing?

We are middle of a project and we cannot upgrade E1 tools to

E1 Application: E9.2

E1 Tools Release:

BI Publisher Desktop:

Thank you for your help
Is the font installed on the server?
Hello John

We did not install any fonts for QR code for this project. My understanding is that the fonts are included in BI Publisher

Oracle said that the root cause of this issue is that our tools release is missing two JAR files. They asked us to upgrade the tools release. They also stop providing POS solution for the tools RELEAASE 9.2.5 or older.

Thank you for your help