E9.2 LDAPS not working on new Domain Controller (Server 2022)


We are on Tools and we've been using LDAPS for JDE auth. for the past years. Our domain controllers are on Windows Server 2012 R2. We are using LDAPS on port 3269. Recently, we tried to add a new domain controller (on Windows Server 2022) and tested this with JDE and it would NOT work. We're getting this error in the log "LoginLDAP: Error code from LDAP Can't contact LDAP server". Using ldp.exe tool, we are able to connect successfully to this new domain controller (both on ports 636 and 3269) and also able to perform simple bind. We checked the server certificates, intermediate and root certs on certdb and on the new domain controller and all checks out. Anyone out there who have seen this issue? Any advise on what to check next? Thanks in advance for your help.