E9.1 JDE Apps 9.1 Tools 9:1.4 to Tools 9.2.4 upgrade



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I am looking to do a tools only upgrade for JDE 9.1 apps to 9.2 tools (9.1.4->9.2.4) the install is on an IBM i (7.2), and uses Weblogic.

I will be going to Windows 2012 for weblogic (just create new web servers, I don't see any issue here).

Does anyone know of any 'gotchas' in this tools upgrade.

Normally tools upgrades are pretty innocuous, but I just want to make sure.

I did a very similar upgrade a few years back (on Oracle and Linux though) and that was pretty straight forward. If i remember correctly one of the main differences was the switch from user overrides to UDO and the broader presence of this thing called AIS :)

Just out of interest: What's keeping you from running the Weblogics on Linux servers? Even with 9.2.4 you can use Oracle Linux 7 which is still getting security updates for another year, compared to Win2012 that's a big plus :)
Sorry for the delay,

Because I would have to be the Linux Admin LOL.

When I worked there as an employee, I did put he Oracle cluster on OEL. But I realized that I would not be there forever.

I did also a similar jump from 9.1.4 to 9.2.x and everything went fine. Except that you will have some issues to apply as prerequisites so be sure to apply them. (you have a good documentation for that in Oracle support). Also be sure to comply with MTR for your TR.
As MFreitag said the main differences are the new UDO type objects so be sure to correctly run the ASI at the end.
Anyway no major issues happened so should be straight forward
Did a similar upgrade - this was from 9.1.5 to 9.2.x
The major change would be that the UDOs will move from Control tables to Central objects. So account for these. There are table conversions scheduled for them anyways as part of the upgrade.