E9.2 MEP DSI Hotfix and ERRC ErrorCode flag issues



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Hi folks

We took a routine outage oppurtunity to apply a load of DSI MEP hotfixes for ND3N style BSFNs. We call custom BSFNs via DSI MEP also.
Since that time we have noticed that any custom BSFN we wrote and declared to DSI MEP is now flowing through their Error exception path when called if the DSTR has ERRC in it and is returned as non blank.
This is happening even if I do not call SetNERReturnCode or Set NER Error. All I need to do is create a BSFN with very few lines of code in it. SO I made a very simple BSFN that called in different modes and set ERRC to '1' in some modes and left blank in others. We get an error in DSI MEP for any mode where ERRC is set to non blank. So there must be a pattern here.

I suspect they have added something into their response handler / JSON parser and any mention of ERRC not being blank sets up the exception pathway.
Is anyone else experiencing this at all?

The fix is to change my code not to pass back a value in ERRC I guess, but I just find this very odd that they would do that, when even their code places values into ERRC

Hotfixes below



Hotfix 80 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:19:52 UTC by amauer
* MEPWebApp.dll 11/04/2022
* DSI.Applications.Base.dll 08/23/2022
* DSI.Applications.Publishing.dll 08/23/2022
* DSI.Configuration.dll 11/04/2022
* DSI.Connector.dll 11/04/2022
* DSI.Connector.E1XML.dll 11/04/2022
* DSI.DB.dll 10/06/2022
* DSI.MobileClient.Telnet.dll 08/19/2022
* DSI.WebControlToolkit.dll 08/23/2022
* MCAutoUpdate 09/14/2022
* DSIMobileClientPCSetup.exe 08/23/2022

Hotfix 81 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:20:56 UTC by amauer
Fix function registration not working using SSL.
* DSI.Connector.E1XML.dll 11/08/2022

Hotfix 82 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:22:31 UTC by amauer
Form Designer Problem regarding form load subroutine is not showing in Call Subroutine Target dropdown
MEPWebApp.dll 11/10/2022

Hotfix 83 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:23:17 UTC by amauer
AIM Session Org Unit drop down unusable
* MEPWebApp.dll 11/18/2022
* DSI.WebControlToolkit.dll 11/18/2022

Hotfix 84 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:25:05 UTC by amauer
Transaction Manager Role does not allow user with role to use Call Function button
MEPWebApp.dll 11/22/2022

Hotfix 85 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:25:47 UTC by amauer
Blank spaces in output parameter returned by BSFN So now character type length set to the length we get it from JDE after register functions in platform
* DSI.Connector.E1XML.dll 01/23/2023

Hotfix 86 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:27:46 UTC by amauer
Issue with the language string when login multiple users in telnet mobile client.
* DSI.Applications.Base.dll 02/07/2023
* DSI.ClientSessions.dll 02/07/2023
* DSI.MCLocalization.dll 02/07/2023
* DSI.MobileClient.AIM.dll 02/07/2023
* DSI.MobileClient.dll 02/07/2023
* DSI.MobileClient.Telnet.dll 02/07/2023
* DSI.MobileClient.Text.dll 02/07/2023
* MEPWebApp.dll 02/07/2023
* DSIMobileClientPCSetup.exe 02/07/2023

Hotfix 87 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:29:24 UTC by amauer
Increased the wait time to 30 min in AlertSummary.js
* MEPWebApp.dll 03/23/2023

Hotfix 88 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:30:37 UTC by amauer
Fix to deny multiple enter presses on login page causing starting for first app on the app page and causing errors sometimes.

* DSI.MobileClient.PC.exe 6/01/2022
* DSIMobileClientPCSetup.exe 6/01/2022

Hotfix 89 installed 2023-15-10 (Sunday) at 4:31:03 UTC by amauer
Fix function registration not working using SSL.
* DSI.Connector.E1XML.dll 06/08/2023
I would not code around the behavior you're seeing unless and until you can get verification from DSI that this is indeed their 'new' intent. I would be very skeptical that this new behavior is by design.

I think you should be contacting DSI to let them know what you're seeing since you applied that hot fix. That behavior is quite problematic, for both existing and new BSFN designs.

I was at a DSI site recently ( they had just installed a new release ) and our BSFN exit paths (error and success) were exhibiting strange behavior in scripts. Sorry, I can't remember exactly what the issue was, but I do know it was not exactly what you were seeing. In a nutshell, they are known to put out buggy fixes. You have to notify them so they know.
Already ahead of you on that. Well, as in I've instructed my manager to do this for me and offered to expain further what I am seeing.

The pattern I've observed is irrefutable to me. Anytime a value is in ERRC it gets upset. I think this is because their own BSFNs transmit an error back in ERRC as 2 and they've changed something to look for it and messed up