E9.2 SM Management console for JDE


Hello all, I am extremely new to JDE

Recently our management console has stopped working, all the JDE servers are up and running and production is also running but I cannot access the Server manager. the deployment server keeps refusing the connection. I have restarted the SMS Agent Host to no avail. The deployment server is not running a SM Management console service and I feel this needs to be there in order to work right. the service is not stopped or disabled, it is not there in the list of available services.

1) Is this required to access the JDE server manager via Microsoft Edge? It was working up until a week ago with no issues but has since stopped with the error message that the connection was refused.
2)If it is required what could have possibly removed it and can I put it back without impacting our production servers?

Thanks in advance for any help
What is your tools release?
Which JAS serveris SM Console running on?