E8.1 Revise tax rate/area



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Couple of years ago, when VAT introduced in our area we set up tax rate/area as follows,
Area, Rate

X1VAT, 10%
X2VAT, 10%
X30VAT, 10%
X45VAT, 10%

Likewise, we have about 20 VAT areas setup. In the code, 1,2,30 and 45 are company codes in Company master.
When we setup this, we were not having enough idea about what really tax area meant. If I had the information I have right now, I would create only one tax area like XVAT with 10%, because I could not see any reason to mention the company code.

Now, new tax rate is introduced with 13%.
So if I do the same mistake of creating redundant tax areas, I will end up with 20 tax areas for 10%, and 20 new tax areas for 13%. I will be hard to manage.

Is there any way to purge all the old tax areas and keep only two areas as below. If possible, there will be a batch application to update all the history records where the old tax areas are mentioned.

Area, Rate

XVAT10, 10%
XVAT13, 13%
If I was an Auditor I'd probably be upset with evidence of someone tampering with historical records (invoices, payments, ...)
Maybe I'm not fully understanding your question but are you not taking advantage of effective and expiry dates on the tax codes?