1. E9.2 How to do AR and AP invoicing + bank statements in JDE

    Hi JDE community, I am a new user in JDE. Is there a topic here on JDE on how to register supplier invoices / create customer invoices? Basic stuff Pair payments AR and AP with invoices (bank statement)? I´ve used IFS applications 9 and I have no experience with JDE whatsoever
  2. E9.2 Alternate Tax Rate/Area Assignment - Setup (P40081) (Doc ID 2757400.1)

    hi i set up the taxe Alternate Tax Rate/Area Assignment - Setup (P40081) (Doc ID 2757400.1) for the sale when I enter a sales order, the tax rate changes according to the settings, but only on the order header F4201 and not on the lines f4211, which is dangerous when editing the invoice...
  3. Rauf

    E8.1 Revise tax rate/area

    Couple of years ago, when VAT introduced in our area we set up tax rate/area as follows, Area, Rate X1VAT, 10% X2VAT, 10% X30VAT, 10% X45VAT, 10% Likewise, we have about 20 VAT areas setup. In the code, 1,2,30 and 45 are company codes in Company master. When we setup this, we were not having...
  4. Rauf

    VAT is not posting to GL account for Advance payments

    We have setup VAT and everything works fine except supplier advances. While posting the standard voucher entry, it hits the correct account for the VAT amount. RNV 1050 Supplier -1000 VAT -50 But while posting...
  5. Rauf

    VAT - Value Added Tax in Middle East

    Is there any discussion happening on 'How can we make the system ready for upcoming (from Jan 1, 2018) VAT in Middle East (both Functional and Technical)' ?

    VAT on self invoice

    I am building a VAT solution for what is known as a self invoice Basically my supplier is to be paid 1000 I am to create an invoice to myself which will be considered both AP and AR. The solution I have created using 3 transactions and special tax rate/areas is as follows; 1. Supplier...
  7. Italian Localisation - Annual VAT Report / Modello IVA

    Dear all, We are currently working on a project to implement Italian localisation and working our way slowly (!) through all the different required reports. The one report we are really struggling with is the Annual VAT Report / Modello IVA. We have found two annual VAT reports in the standard...