tax rate/area

  1. Rauf

    E8.1 Revise tax rate/area

    Couple of years ago, when VAT introduced in our area we set up tax rate/area as follows, Area, Rate X1VAT, 10% X2VAT, 10% X30VAT, 10% X45VAT, 10% Likewise, we have about 20 VAT areas setup. In the code, 1,2,30 and 45 are company codes in Company master. When we setup this, we were not having...

    VAT on self invoice

    I am building a VAT solution for what is known as a self invoice Basically my supplier is to be paid 1000 I am to create an invoice to myself which will be considered both AP and AR. The solution I have created using 3 transactions and special tax rate/areas is as follows; 1. Supplier...