E9.2 Unable Override Rout Code , Tax Area and tax Explanation code on P42101 line


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Hi All,

We have requirement in O2C process to override ship to number on line level in P42101 Detail grid and user wants to update the Carrier number, Rout code, Tax area and tax explanation code when he enters a new Ship To number on the line which is different from header ship to number.

Currently i could observe that only carrier number changes when ship to is changed but not other fields.

as part of technical modification - I tried erasing them (GC Values) and populating with correct values from customer master before SOLineViewController BSFN is called in Row Exist and Changed Async. But still SOLineViewController returns the header "ship-to" related values and overrides what i populated in GC's.

Is there a way for this or is something i'm missing here, could you please share your inputs/suggestions.

there is one solution i found- when i was testing the standard functionality of SO creation, once user enters the ship-to number in line and goes to next line, Carrier number, Rout code, Tax area and tax explanation code values get defaulted from header ship-to number. After this if user overrides these 4 values and submits the SO, it will commit the new user entered values for these 4 fields.

in similar fashion, i assigned the grid fields Carrier number, Rout code, Tax area and tax explanation code with Customer master information of the line ship-to number and then call the SOLineViewController again to take in the new 4 values which we assigned above this to GC fields.

This part of code can be written on Grid Cloumn level also i belive, but i have written right after the existing SOLineViewController in row exit and changed/asynch.

PS: i also tried by making line dirty right after assigning the new values to these 4 fields after existing SOLineViewController , but this didnt work.

Hope this idea helps someone in need.