Sales Order - automatical item detail branch plant selection



I am new here and hope I haven't overseen a thread which would answer my question but the search just gave me a real old thread which hasn't solved a similar issue.

Please excuse that I can't give you all the details regarding our environment (server, OS, etc.) as I am just responsible for the sales business processes and taking care of the use of JDE but I am not from our central company IT team.

We use JDE E1 version 9.1.

Sorry for the following probably long explanation but I would like to ensure that the process and requirement is clear and avoid to describe it short and incomplete what could cause that I miss to mention an important prerequisite for the setup.

Currently our sales orders are entered as follows:

1) entry of header branch plant: manual selection of the logical BP (our business units) which is used for revenue bookings by the flex accounting
2) entry of order detail lines (items) -> automatic system selection of the physical BP (warehouse with stock) due to the use of advanced preferences

The advanced preferences are currently only considering a customer group setup where we have defined a category code of the address book which defines if we are taking the stock from warehouse/branch plant 1 or 2.

Due to some logistic process changes we will in have future at least three warehouses where we keep the stock.

Our first idea was to change the advanced preferences and use item group based setup instead of customer groups.
We could define item groups for each warehouse which could populate the default warehouse similar to what we now have with the customer groups.
In general this would work fine.

But now comes the challenge:

We have a certain range of items which will be stored in two warehouses because business unit 1 is shipping 90% of their orders from warehouse 1 and the other business units are shipping mainly from warehouse 2 + 3.
As we want to keep one complete delivery for the customer for business unit 1 sales orders we need to keep some parts in stock in warehouse 1 which are stored as well in warehouse 2.

We have tried to find a solution to populate the detail line with the correct warehouse/branch plant using advanced preferences for item group + header branch plant but failed as we couldn't include the header branch plant in combination with the item groups.

The technical requirement is:

item 1 is stored in warehouse 1 and 2
If business unit 1 places and order the system should select the warehouse 1 at line level
if business unit 2 places and order the system should select the warehouse 2 at line level

The current issue is if we would use an item group based setup only we would get orders for business unit 1 which would take parts of the stock from warehouse 1 and warehouse 2 because item 1 would be as be set as default item group in warehouse 2.

All other lines of the order would come from warehouse 1 and this would cause two different shipments to the customer which is a real issue as we are shipping abroad and this includes custom processes etc.
Letting the user manually change the branch plant on the line is no good option as this could be forgotten.

I don't know if in 9.1 or maybe later 9.2 something is available to set this up.

I hope the given situation and requirement is described clear enough otherwise feel free to ask whatever is necessary.

Many thanks in advance for every useful input even if it would be that there is not technical way to solve it automatically.

Best regards
Hi Kevin,
There is a processing option on Sales order entry that allows you to define the Adv Preference Schedule to use for each version. If you create 2 versions of order entry and have a different Schedule on each version with a different set of Inventory Commitment rules (as per the different rules that you have described) then hopefully this will address your different requirements.
Hope this helps
Hi Craig,

Many thanks for your input.

Yes, we are using the processing option already for the existing Adv Preferences but it unfortunately wouldn't solve our requirement because

1) currently we are going the other way round and trying to decrease the different versions for the same tasks to ease the maintenance
2) we have sales order entry teams which are working across all BU's

Due to this they would need to pay attention during every order entry which version they have to pick and I am pretty sure that it would cause that they sometimes or often use the wrong version.
They are entering more than 100 orders a day and we are hoping to create an automatic working solution.

Anyway thanks for your help.

If you want to handle from screen then you might have to customize Sales Order Entry program.

Thanks Chan for your input.

It looks like there is no standard JDE process for this and the advanced preferences seem not be able to use the header business unit.
I think you need to go for modify Sales Order Master Business Function where sourcing Business Unit logic has been decided. Your technical team member should be able to find that and add the logic.

Thanks RKUSA for your feedback.

I will ask our L2 team to have a look into it.
Hopefully they can find it.

Nevertheless we found a working solution by the end of last week which I now have to check a last time and do a UAT.

The current solution is that we are using advanced preferences for inventory commitment based on an item group.
The item group is set up based on the PRP7 to define the physical warehouse and within the preference details we are using the MCU business unit value.
This allows us to set the PRP7 differently on each of the impacted logical branch plants and the advanced preferences populate the physical branch plant at line level based on that setup.

As we will never use the transportation module in our company we can use the PRP7 otherwise it wouldn't be possible that way.
We are moving from 9.1 to 9.2 in 2020 and based on that I will ask our central team to have a look at the sourcing Business Unit logic maybe we could switch it during the migration.

Thanks and regards