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sales order entry

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    E9.2 Sales order creation with multiple product lines.

    Hey Everyone, I am new to JD Edwards - therefore, you will notice I am not using JDE terminology. Our Integration team is integrating Sales process between CRM(Dynamics365) and JDE(9.1). A part of the process is to convert Quote to the Sales Order. When the user converts a quote to sale order...
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    AIS Form P42101 Inserting Rows

    Hello! Recently in my company we've gone from using just normal REST with AIS to using the AIS Client libraries that Oracle supplies. So far everything is going well, except (of course) on the P42101_W42101D form. I can add a new sales order in, but I can't seem to be able to add the sales...
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    AIS Form P42101 Submitting with Warnings

    Hello! I'm having an issue where I'm trying to submit an order with the P42101 form through AIS when warnings are present. When I submit a normal order with no warnings, I'm not having an issue, my JSON goes through fine, and I get an order number and my order is saved to the database. When I...
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    EDI Inbound 850 - How to deal with one PO that needs to create multiple sales orders

    We are on JDE E1 9.2 and have a customer that wants us to implement EDI with them. For us, this would include an inbound 850, outbound 855, inbound 860, outbound 856 and outbound 810. We are struggling with the initial piece of the inbound 850 because when this customer provides the order...
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    Sales Order - automatical item detail branch plant selection

    Hello, I am new here and hope I haven't overseen a thread which would answer my question but the search just gave me a real old thread which hasn't solved a similar issue. Please excuse that I can't give you all the details regarding our environment (server, OS, etc.) as I am just responsible...
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    Adding Sales Order Lines to P42101 Outside of Application

    Hi All, I have a requirement to enter header information from P421007 then take a form exit to another application I've built that contains a combination of F4101, F41021 fields (This app has additional functionality that filters the item list based on SRP codes but that isn't relevant for this...
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    Reserve Inventory For Specific Customers?

    Has anyone every had to reserve inventory for designated customers? I know there are some workarounds I've heard of.....for example...create specific item numbers for those items and secure those items only to those people keying orders for those designated customers. Same with locations....Is...
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    Does anyone have a Custom, simplified Sales Order Entry Application?

    We have a new requirement to have a simplified, streamlined Sales Order entry screen. This will present to the end user a single form with a header section (with 21 controls) and a detail grid (with 10 or so columns), no tabs, no subforms. It will allow only our four most popular SO types...