Question regarding line type W and related work orders


We use line type W fairly extensively in our operations, usually for configured items. We occasionally see an issue where after a work order has already been completed the status is reset if any edit is made to the sales order with the related W line type, even just a freight method or ship to address change on the order header. Is this just hard coded behavior that is not configurable or is anyone here aware of a way to define a limit to which work order status range(s) do and do not get updated when a change is made to the order with the related sales order line? Or perhaps there is another solution that's escaping me...

Thanks in advance for your advice!
1. In the Processing options for P4210, Versions Tab, set a specific version for P48013 that has the Update Rules for 'W' SO Lines Work Orders
2. Processing Options for P48013, Sales / Configured Tab. At minimum set the "Cutoff Status Code" value for Work Orders Linked to a SO. If you set a value in here if the Work Order has progressed past that Status and someone modified the related SO Line the Work Order will not be changed.
Thanks for pointing us in the proper direction here Larry. Looks like all my versions for P48013 do have the "Cutoff Status Code" set to a value of 10.

I did notice a few that have a value of 05 in the "Changed Status Code (After Cutoff)" processing option though so I'm guessing those are probably the culprit.