E1 Tax Explanation Code usage with AvaTax



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We are in the process of implementing AvaTax in our E1 environment and there is a data configuration question that the vendor, Premier, has been unable to answer.

Is there a certain tax explanation code that should be used in conjunction with the Avatax tax/rate area code or would you continue to use whichever ones are currently set up on customer master records? We are currently using hard coded values of C or V (outside of E, which would no longer be used with the introduction of AvaTax & CertCapture).

Thank you so much!
Avatax supports "S"/"C"/"U" by default... they also sometimes handle "V" VAT for canadian entries.
Thank you! So that would support my theory that we should continue to use the existing explanation codes we have, with the exception of replacing any of the E's with either C or V (we do have canadian entities as you alluded to in your response).