1. Rauf

    E8.12 Show tax amount in P4310 - Purchase Orders.

    Is there any way to show tax amount in application P4310 - Purchase Orders. In the details area, there is fields for Tax Rate/Area, Tax Y/N. Expl Code. I just need to show the tax amount. I was expecting a processing option like 'show tax amount' but could not find anything. Once option is to...
  2. E8.1 Tax calculation based on drop ship address

    Hi All, Company has decided to expand ecommerce sales and with this we are trying to create sales orders using a house account with drop ship addresses. any suggession how we can setup taxees based on the drop ship zip code? Thanks, Clarence E1 8.11
  3. Rauf

    E8.1 Revise tax rate/area

    Couple of years ago, when VAT introduced in our area we set up tax rate/area as follows, Area, Rate X1VAT, 10% X2VAT, 10% X30VAT, 10% X45VAT, 10% Likewise, we have about 20 VAT areas setup. In the code, 1,2,30 and 45 are company codes in Company master. When we setup this, we were not having...
  4. gina13tiger

    E1 Tax Explanation Code usage with AvaTax

    Hello! We are in the process of implementing AvaTax in our E1 environment and there is a data configuration question that the vendor, Premier, has been unable to answer. Is there a certain tax explanation code that should be used in conjunction with the Avatax tax/rate area code or would you...
  5. Error Id 0949 Currency Exchange Rate Not Found and id 79 Invalid parameters

    Hi , I have two errors in P03B2002 / W03B2002A. When I put some particular customers in my inquiry the system has 2 errors: The customer are all from France and Belgium, with the currency Eur that is the same of our system( we are a italian enterprise). Anyone can advise me for fix...
  6. Rauf

    VAT is not posting to GL account for Advance payments

    We have setup VAT and everything works fine except supplier advances. While posting the standard voucher entry, it hits the correct account for the VAT amount. RNV 1050 Supplier -1000 VAT -50 But while posting...
  7. Cycle Billing (R49700) and Taxes

    Hi list, do you know if standard Cycle Billing program (R49700) is somehow able to book taxes ? I'm interested in understanding whether a localized program exists in order to have VAT on goods shipped and as a consequence a way how to book F0018 table from Cycle Billing Journal Entries...
  8. Sales & Use tax options

    We currently use standard JDE sales & use tax but are currently looking into other 3rd party options. We had an initial meeting with Avalara, but will looking at others including Vertex. Does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks