E9.0 Lot hold



i got the following Item Availability for a specific item.

  • 10 on "U" Hold
  • 2 on "I" Hold
U and I hold are used to ringfiled stock by order type.

  • The SI Order type can just use "I" lot hold
  • The SO Order type can just use "U" lot hold code
I already setup the allowed-lot status (P41081) as needed and also applied the lot-group on the processing option of the P4210.

Now.. when i enter the first SI order for quantity 3, JDE is setting 1 as backorder, since i have just 2 avaialble for "SI" order type. So it's correct.

This is how item availability looks after entering the first SI order:


Now i'm gonna place an SO order for 20 as quantity. Here is the issue since as you can see the system is setting just 7 as "Shipped" quantity instead of 10.

So JDE is looking at "U" on hand quantity (10) and is offsetting with the committed quantity (3) giving as shippable quantity 7.

So right now i have 2 orders:

SI Order: 3 quantity (2 shippable - 1 backorder) -> Correct

SO Order: 20 Quantity (7 Shippable - 13 backorder) -> wrong , since SO order should pull all the 10 quantity available under lot-hold "U", and giving 10 as shippable and 10 as quantity

Question is: there's any way i can get on the SO order 10 as shippable quantity - automatically of course ?

Right now the P4210 is offsetting always the available quantity with the commited quantity, regardless that is supposed to be committed from a specific lot-hold code.

Thank you