E9.2 Purchased order diminution reopens Requisition




I have a question about the following standard scenario :
1 - create purchase requisition OR
2 - Create purchase oder OP from requisition (P43060), for the whole quantity => Requisition OR is closed at status 999
3 - Decrease the quantity on the pruchase order OP => Requisition OR is automatically re-open for the quantity decreased

My question is : do someone know a standard possibility to change step 3 so the requisition OR will not been changed and will remain closed when purchase order is decreased ?
User ask for it because the purchase order is often slightly changed to adapt to the exact quantity proposed by the supplier, and he does'nt want to have the requisition reopen for this.

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I believe Release 24 addresses this and some added handy functions too.
the changes on Purchase Order are reflected to the Original Purchase Requisition based on UDC 40/BT where blanket order types are listed.
You may look at Doc ID 787522.1 in My Oracle Spport (see Question n.3) where the following explanation is provided: "If a user generates a Purchase Order (OP) from a Requisition (OR), and then changes the Purchase Order (OP) in the Purchase Order Entry (P4310) program, the requisition will be updated toreflect the change on the Purchase Order (OP) if the Requisition document type (OR) is included in UDC 40/BT UDC. If the Requisition document type (OR) is not included in UDC 40/BT UDC, changes to the OP in P4310 will not update the OR.".

Therefore, you can check the configuration of the UDC 40/BT and eventually remove the document type of the Purchase Requisition from it so that no data updates are done backwards.

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