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RE: SP11.3 for OW 7331

We have installed SP 11.3 about 4 months ago and have not had any problems.
According to JDEdwards tech support this is the most stable service pack for
B7331. We are running B7331, SP 11.3, NT SQL 7 Enterprise/Deployment,
Terminal server. Have had 0 problems with upgrade from SP 7.1 to 11.3.

Greg Cotten
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Re: SP11.3 for OW 7331

if you are doing SP11.3 for OW7331 then, not much problem... i have
done it for a client last month from B7331 SP6 to SP11.3 (Oracle 8i
NT)... here are some of the things you have to look out for:

1. Have you ever build partial client package before? If no, you have
to populate your F9631 with LITE records. You can refer to the
documents otm-99-0190 and otm-99-0186 for more info. You can also use
SQL to insert the records.
2. You MUST follow thru the section "Rebuild the Business Functions
(B7331)" to change your JDE.INI. If not you will hit a lot of memory
violation for your WTS users.
3. Print out SAR 3608361 and 4696463 and apply it after you have
installed SP11.3.