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I would like to know peoples opinion on using NT Terminal Server vs. 2000 Terminal Server for JDEdwards 7331 with SP11.3. Currently we have a NT Terminal Server with a few problems with users getting memory errors and various others issues. There are a max now of 5-7 users of the server. However, once we go into production in Oct, there will be about 97 users. To handle this we have purchased a new server that will replace the current Terminal Server. I don't know the exact specs other than a GB of Ram. If the issues we have with NT Termial Server be carried over to the new server or should we look to going to WTS 2000?


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Greg :

I've got about five accounts running B7331 SP 11.3 with NT Terminal Server
and SQL7.
First, I suppose that you don't plan to run 97 simultaneous OneWorld users
on a single
server with 1 Gb RAM Don't you? Have you been checking the memory
consumption on the
Terminal Server while your users get their memory errors?
B7331 specs are approximately as follows : 30 to 60 Mb RAM per concurrent
user, 10 to 20
concurrent users per CPU. The "concurrent" word is very important! Also
remember that NT
Terminal Server doesn't address more than 2 Gb RAM!
RAM and CPU usage strongly depend on what you run and where you run it (W
environments vs.
standard environments, what APPL do users run, and if UBEs run locally or on
the Enterprise).
For example P0411 is terrible!
According to my experience, WTS 2000 is noticeably stabler and more
performant than NT Terminal
Server, furthermore : WTS 2000 can address up to 4 Gb (Server) or 8 Gb
(Advanced Server) RAM on
a single box; and processor scalability behaves on a more linearly way than
NT 4.0
Are you using Citrix? Its Load Balancing capabilities would be a nice plus!
If I were you, I would buy at least 2 servers, 4 CPUs, 4 Gb RAM each,
running W2000 Server
with Terminal Servers + recommended Citrix for W2K. That would provide a
minimal level
of redundancy support.
Each of these servers can easily support 50 concurrent users, and if one of
the servers
fails, the other may support 80-100 users (though quite sluggish) until the
failing box
is replaced.
Finally, many memory errors (satanic Dr.Watson) are not MS faults, but are
due to JDE
code that tries to remove NULL pointers, clears forbidden structs, etc.
I've had a couple of B7332 (not B7331) SP 11.3 installations that decreased
their Watson's
notoriously after applying SP 15.1; but I neved tried it on B7331.

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We are starting to move to WTS 2000 servers. The only problems we are
having is reloading full packages. It get close to the end of the reload
and we get an error that says something about a jdel.dll problem. Response
line tells me that it appears the package removal had an exclusive lock on
the dll and that is why the reload is failing. They have not resolved the
problem for me yet. In the interim, I uninstall JDE from the WTS before
loading the full package, and then I don't have any problems. Update
packages are working just fine.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

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B733.2 SP11.3 HP9000 Oracle 8.1.6

While my revision level and database is different, moving to Win 2000
terminal server (with Citrix) eliminated many of the "quirky" problems I ran
into. I have approximately 20 to 25 users on three WTS. Each server is a
dual 700 or greater with 2 GB of RAM. Also, rebooting them nightly doesn't
hurt either.

Hope this helps.

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Oracle 8.1.6
WTS 2000
We currently support 40 Citrix users per quad processor server each
with 4 GB of RAM. I think you may be overly optimistic about getting 97
users on a single box. I would be looking into a Citrix farm with load
balancing to handle that many users.


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