Good morning everyone, I WAS CURIOUS IF ANYONE HAS SEEN THE FOLLOWING. For the last two months we have had issues in Citrix with our users freezing at the "LITERAL" choice on Data Selection. The UK users have run Citrix for at least 2 years without problems, we've done some SP upgrades to the OS and recently tried to fix with MTR update per JDE. BUT!!! To no avail. Here is there solution and reasoning but we do not have SNAPSHOT and no one goes on Desktop of Citrix to OEXPLORE.exe. So we're at a loss, our next test is Windows Security because it doesn't happen to everyone and seems all our new users have the issue. We are using their fix but it is NOT good solution. We are XE, SP22 and have the following Citrix configuration with the lastest MDAC per JDE MTR's. .NET Framework 1.1 and SP1
MDAC version 2.60.6526.0

Also, the security.config file at c:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CONFIG was modified.

Windows 2000 SP3 with Citrix MetaFrame XP with FR2/SP2.

When using a thin client (Terminal Server or Citrix), the processing option screen displays with a blank screen for some users. Other symptoms that have been encountered include users not being able to select a literal value in data selection and Object Management Workbench crashing when users attempt to open it on the thin client.

The cause of the problem is that the following five OCX files are becoming un-registered:- dataitem, design, jdectocx, jdeocx, rdareportview. These OCX files are located in b7\system\bin32 and can be registered using REGSVR32. Until the OCX files are re-registered, the users on the Terminal Server will encounter the processing option and data selection issue.

There are a couple different ways in which these OCX files can become unregistered. According to the engineering team, when using ActivConsole.exe (Solution Explorer), this will not unregister the OCX files, but OExplorer.exe (OneWorld Explorer) unregisters and then re-registers the OCX files. Apart from this, installation of the EnterpriseOne software and Snapshot are the only other processes that should unregister and re-register the OCX files.
There is a known issue with EnterpriseOne 8.9 when customers are using Snapshot to toggle between EnterpriseOne 8.9 and Xe/ERP8 releases. After doing the Snapshot for EnterpriseOne 8.9, the users should not click on the OExplorer icon but they do by mistake; in doing so, it unregisters the OCX files. Also, if the users do not have the appropriate permission on the Terminal Server, they can encounter errors when attempting to register the OCX files.

To resolve the issue, the OCX files can be re-registered using REGSVR32. Also, the user's permission should be reviewed based on the document and if possible, user's should be limited to using Solution Explorer only and the OneWorld Explorer icon removed. This will prevent the issue with the OCX files becoming unregistered from OExplorer.exe.

SPECIFIC TO: EnterpriseOne

FDA-General FDA-Known Issues-Processing options Processing options Blank screen Terminal Server

Appreciate any and all feedback.
I did find one of your posts back in January, I will work on the Windows security portion, any one that was involved back then get anymore feedback. Also that batch file, did they run that nightly or was that just run when the problem arose...cheers
I am having this same issue on our servers.. we are running SP23 and Windows 2003 SP2. We have applied the fix when the issue arises, but we would like a more permanent solution. Any help would be appreciated.