Partially Applied Credit Memo Created Unapplied Receipt


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We had an end user apply a Credit Memo (RM) to an Invoice (RI). However, the Invoice was for less than the Credit Memo (about a $3500 difference). The result, the Credit Memo was closed and an Unapplied Receipt (RU) for the remainder of the Credit Memo.

Two questions:

1: Is this normal? It does not seem to be to me but I am a developer move to more of a functional role.
2: Can it be reversed since this happened 3 months ago and the end user just discovered it.

We are on 8.12.
You can reverse it but you will probably need to use a current GL date.

The default when matching the RM with the RI will be an RU. If you would rather reduce the RM, the end user needs to key in the negative amount being paid on the RM line. That will close out the RI and reduce the RM amount. No unapplied cash will be created:

RI: 5000 No need to key in amount here using "10" - simple invoice match
RM:-8500 Once you select this RM you will need to manually key in a payment of -5000 using "10" - simple invoice match
open amount becomes
RM -3500