E9.2 Sales Order Credit Hold (CO) for A/R and SO Entry

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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Is there a method to apply a sales order credit hold for a sales order by using only the outstanding AR amount for the customer? What we are trying to do is only use the actual outstanding receivable amount to determine whether or not to apply the CO credit hold for the customer. The problem is that the way JDE appears to be setup is that it uses the outstanding AR amount plus the current outstanding sales order amounts as well.

As per JDE:

Credit Checking is an EnterpriseOne tool used to reduce exposure against outstanding accounts receivable balances. Credit checking provides information about a customer’s account. EnterpriseOne compares a customer’s accounts receivable and open orders to the customer’s current credit limit. Orders can be placed on a credit hold depending upon setup definitions.

Two types of credit checking are provided:
  1. Credit Limit– An amount set up in the customer master record is compared to the order total and any outstanding accounts receivable balances. When a customer exceeds their credit limit, their sales orders go on credit hold.
  2. Aging – Criteria can be setup that causes a customer’s orders to go on hold based on the age of outstanding accounts receivable and the percentage of receivables in an aging category.
I would like to know if someone else has had this situation before and if they have any solutions or receommendations.

The reason why we are trying to do this is that we have some customers that have an outstanding AR amount but we do not want to stop the sales order with credit hold as the customer sales order may be direct ship where it takes some time prior to actually processing the order at which time the AR amounts might be cleared from the customer AR account.


I think I may have found a solution to this issue. As the 'built-in' credit limit checking is done via business functions and things that I did not want to tamper with I made some changes to the sales order posting program to create the effect of only looking at A/R outstanding amounts and not including the sales order outstanding amounts for customer exposure versus credit limit.

I turned off (or turned on bypass update) for "Bypass Customer Open Order Amount" on Sales Order report program (R42995) so the customer master (F03012) is not updated with the sales totals during our nightly processing. I also had the flag turned on for UDC code 40/BT to *not* update the Amount - Open Order (APRC) value on the Customer Master record (F03012) for the order type we are using (SD orders). This is used for blanket orders but setting this flag avoids sales orders updating the open amount in customer master when an order is entered (Doc ID 2826771.1).

I also used a database update after these changes to set the field in Customer Master table to zero Open Order Amount on customer after the previous changes were made.