E9.2 Unapplied receipt RU



We are on 9.2 and there are some RU's done in 2015....
These RU's have plenty of invoices in them, write offs also or RB's generated.
Now, i cannot do anything with this RU's to close them, as i get previous period error on all of them.
I tried to do the same thing on a RU that is from 2023 and I can change that one, specify current GL date and it works.

Do I have any option for the users to be able to close them? They want in the end to do a write off the amount. I'm pretty much looking for any solution in doing this without SQL ? There are too many tables to update, batches to create and so on for this to mimic the real life transaction.

Thank you in advance!

Good idea to try to avoid SQL updates. Having been forced into that on occasion I know it can get complicated.

I am assuming you are just trying to close out what is now left on the unapplied cash receipt, correct?

Can you describe the steps you are taking to close out the balance on the RUs?

I can't really do anything to the RU, every action will trigger the close period error as I cannot edit the GL date.
I want to do a write off on the amount still open, but i cant do that or select any invoice on it :(

Thank you
You could do a General Ledger entry (form exit in Receipts Entry) in the AR receipts to a GL account that is a clearing account. Make sure you change the date when selecting the RU record to something in current period. This should allow you to clear the remaining balance of RU to a GL account that an accountant would be able to adjust or account for accordingly.