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I have just seen something very weird happen in the OMW.

I recently changed an object in DEVELOP and promoted it to PROTOTYPE. My
colleague went into DEVELOP and tinkered with the object without checking it
out, i.e. he went into design mode without checking the object out (there is
an error message saying "You don't have this object checked out, do you want
to proceed?" to which he pressed yes).

When I went back into DEVELOP and looked at the object my changes had
vanished even though my colleague hadn't checked the object in.

Any ideas as to what happened?



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This is really weirddddddddddddddd,Tim!

1 - I will be assuming you and your colleague are not sharing the same computer ...
2 - Did you try to Get the Prototype object, to see how THAT one looks like?
3 - I would enable the Object Librarian and see what the object dates/times say.

Please keep us posted; it might be a serious Xe offense happening here.

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Do you have only one Development WorkStation? If so unless you do a Get or a
Checkout the Specs on the WorkStation will be as left by your colleague.

If you have different workstations, did your colleague do a Save? If your Save
location is set to the same as your Check in location then this has the same
effect as doing a Check in, but without updating the Check in/out flags.

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1 - No, we use different Workstations.

2 - The Prototype object was fine (phew!)

3 - Yes, I did that. The Dev object had my colleague's ID and timestamp just
as though he had checked it in - but he hadn't!

I'm going to try and replicate it and will report to JDE if it does prove to
be an undocumented OneWorld feature.

I'll keep you posted.



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Hi Tim,
Your issue is really weird.
Please, let me some additional questions (maybe some of them will be a bit silly). I would like sleep calmly without nightmares.

1.) Have you checked-in your object after your modifications or simply erased the check-out before project promotion?
2.) Have you Get/Check-Out your object before you detect that your changes has been lost?
3.) Did the object contained your colleague's modification?
4.) Have you checked the Logging of the object in OMW (select the object, Row menu/Logging, replace Project Name with asterisk, Find)?
5.) Have you checked the Token Queue of the object (Inheriting, Switching, Waiting, Holding, etc.)
6.) Does your project hold the token?
7.) Have you both worked with the object under separate projects?
8.) What about Save Location settings (Carl have mentioned earlier)?
9.) Have you any custom OMW configurations or config modifications? (E.g. any transfer between custom statuses where the target is DEV?)
10.) Have you checked all the related OMW configuration settings as well for project statuses, user roles, activity and transfer rules, allowed actions, etc. as for you and for your colleague?
11.) Have any of you modified the OMW application? :)
12.) Have any of you used Object Librarian or Object Transfer instead of OMW?

That's all my questions for now.

Please, answer me if you can and let us posted (let me have calm night(s)).


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Zoltan, I have replied to each of your questions below.

We haven't managed to replicate this since (although we only tried once) so
don't let it give you insomnia! It's telling that no-one else has come
across this (as far as I know) and there aren't any mentions of it on the
knowledge garden.

Perhaps it should be left until someone else experiences the same thing.


I checked in the objects.

I checked them out.

No it didn't.

It's quite difficult to filter out the relevant entries, but the log says
that he saved the object then checked in it when he maintains he didn't.

The queue is empty.



Haven't had a chance to look yet.


Yes, we can't see any way this coulds have happened.

Woooah! Definitely not!!!

Aha, I had a look at the object in the old OL. Do you think this could have
had an impact?


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Hi Tim,

First, thanks your update.

There is one thing what is strange for me.

You have replied (maybe to Adrian's reply) that when you see this object with old OL then your colleague's check-in exist under DEV. You answered now that you check-ed out the object from DEV before you detected that your mods disappeared (am I right?) but the object does NOT contained your collegue's mods (am I right again?).
Is it possible that he (or somebody?)check-ed in the object before he made his mods????

Let see:
a.) Both of you worked under separate project.
b.) Your project hold the token of the object.
c.) Old OL and OMW Logs show that your colleague made the last check-in.
d.) You colleague maintains that he has NOT made Check-In.
(... please, correct me if something is not correct!)

Questions comming up for me:
Q1.) Is it possible that somebody else was able to sign in with your colleague's User ID? It is very important to clarify!
Q2.) Do you believe totally your colleague's statement?
Q3.) How was anybody able to Check-In the OBJ using OMW when the token was in your project?
* needed to sign in with your colleague's ID
* needed enough rights to switch the token for a while to an other project and back or add him/her to your project with appropriate role and delete him/her later from your project
* if non of these is right and it happened under OMW then it is VERY weird! Brrrrr...
Q4.) Does the Check-In happened via OL or OT?
* also needed to sign in with your colleague's ID
* Q4A: In this case why does an entry exist in the OMW Log for the Object????
Q5.) Could you suppose that somebody (with enough rights and knowledges) had manipulated administrative (e.g. F9861, OMW Log, etc.) OW tables outside from OW or used illegally self modified OL, OT or OMW to do this? (I greatly would like to hear: NO!)

Could you answer some of the previous quetions and look after the following:

1.) Check the Owners under your and colleague's project and their user roles.
2.) Check the Logging accurately of the object (mainly the Check-In entry) and your and your colleagu's project. Take care for Machine Key, User ID and Program ID!
3.) Check the F9861 Object Librarian Detail table for the object in UTB. Take care for Machine Key (SIJOBN), User ID (SIUSER) and Program ID (SIPID)!

Could be interesting if Program ID won't be P98220 (OMW) but e.g P9860!

Please again, keep us posted! Thanks!


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