E9.2 Well that's a new one - anyone see this before?



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I cannot get JWT (or any token for that matter) to work at all, and it's causing all sorts of oddness connecting from AIS to HTML. I've installed a lot of them without this happening, and I've already tore it all down and went vanilla - but form requests just will not work. I can't pass health check. I've ripped out SSL, I've reinstalled, I've installed 9.2.6.x and 9.2.7.x... nothing is working. Even have an SR in progress that's going nowhere. Health check is fine on the HTML instance, but AIS... just seems to be completely bonkers.

The token error on the HTML side looks like this.... I've.... never seen that one before.
31 Aug 2023 11:08:32,652[SEVERE][JAVATOKEN]InitialOAuthJWTLoginState: changeState() token generation exception com.peoplesoft.pt.tokengenerator.internal.finiteStateMachine.UnstableMachineStateException: Unexpected end of input. State transitions have not completed.

On the AIS end, I see oddness around not being able to call any of the AIS components, and some generic malformed /cXXXXX errors. Basically ->
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed \uxxxx encoding.

Now again... I have this as vanilla as possible at this point. Studio log in works, but form requests all fail so its pretty useless (can't look up system code for instance). I do see created content, but none of it's use-able. I've done all the normal things (basic auth = false in WLS), patched everything, rebuilt everything, logged everything... just a lot of weird, weird errors. I had the client disable their scanners for a bit, but that didn't seem to help. Has anyone seen anything like this?
Well I'm half in the clear, my JWT token still dies a fiery death, but the rest of my Orchestrator studio is working now. Apparently, when you go to name your instances in SMC, and your server name starts with a U, don't add U to the instance name. I "named" my instance something like "USSERVER1_AISDV920', and the \u in the directory name in windows broke the parsing of the REST.INI. Now all my health checks pass except JWT, with tat same UnstableMachineStateException.... no idea what this.
I do have an open case with Oracle, I just figured I'd report back to my vague topic :) Just...really weird stuff. I've installed so many of these things, I can't imagine this is the first one where I had a windows server that start with a U in name. I'll never get fancy again, sloppy AISDV01 for all!