Memory Violation with SP16


Hi JDEList,

After install the SP16 I found a lot of problems with the users overrides (Dr. Watson, Memory Violation, etc..). This problem didn´t append in all of the Workstations. After that I decided install SP16.1 thinking that the problem will be finally fix, but this bug persisted.

I was looking information in the JDEList and found a lot of people that had similar problems with the users overrides, casually a lot of them have the same configuration (enterprise server AS400).

Finally JDEdwars Support give me a solution. The problem is that I have to upgrade the MDAC in all of my workstations. I never do it thinking that this process is only necessary with Oracle or SQLServer, but really this upgrade fix all the problems that I have with the user overrides.

I hope that his information can help to somebody.

Best regards and excuse me for my English.

OneWorld Xe, SP16.1
Deployment Server: Windows NT Server 4 SP2
Enterprise Server: AS400 V4R4M0
Client Workstation: Windows NT4 SP6
JavaServer: Windows 2000 SP2 (Version SP16.1)