Media Object retrieval problem


I am having a problem with the printing of media objects, and was wondering if anyone else has seen this. I will try to be brief.

I have a mod that inserts audit information at the top of a MO (GT03B31) when the user clicks OK. The audit info looks like this.
LastName, FirstName, Date, Time
The user note would have been typed here!

When I go to print the MO, the variable that gets returned and printed has truncated all four lines on the left, up to the first blank! So lines 1 and 3 do not print anything because they have no spaces, line 2 only prints the FirstName, Date & Time, and line 4 starts with the word 'user' and truncates the word 'The'.

Any notes after the top note within the same MO print just fine! If I enter more notes in the same MO and print it again, the notes that were truncated before, now print fine, and the notes I just entered (which print at the top) are truncated. We have verified the MO is fine, because we can view it and it looks great. The problem seems to be in the retrieval of the MO. I am retrieving into a RV field with a length of 105, so it isn't a field size problem. I have also tried receiving into a string, with the same results.

I used the tool 'Insert Text' to add the audit info into the MO. I used the tool 'Get Text' to retrieve the MO. Since these are JDE tools, we do not have access to the C code.

JDE currently has a developer working on the problem. They cannot duplicate it, but have had other sites call in with the same problem. We have tried adding CR and LF hex values along with the more obvious solutions (to numerous to list here), but to no avail. We have tried other fat clients with the same results. We have tried the same thing with other MO's (GT03B40) and got the same results.

JDE developers want to dial into my machine and we are in the process of trying to get that approved and setup.

If anyone has any bit of information that might be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it.


By the way, we are on B7333 SP15.1

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Hello, We are converting text from our legacy system to Media Objects and experienced the same problem you did. The text was converted to GT4016B and will be retrieved for print on forms such as Purchase Order print. Upon testing purchase order print after the conversion of text, I noticed that sometimes the text was truncated and other times it printed just fine. I also imbedded carriage return chars in the text. I have called this problem in to the JDE hotline as well. The text is viewable via ITEM NOTES and shows up just fine there. You are not alone in the OneWorld.


Hal Seider
OneWorldXE ServicePack16 AS400 coexistant
Well it's nice to know I'm not alone in the OneWorld. Misery loves company! The JDE Developers are still working on the problem. When I find something out, I will post it here first.

Jeff Masteller

I informed my JDE consultant about this post. He just emailed me that he has located your JDE consultant and they will be working together. Hopefully they will attain some results.


Hal Seider
OneWorldXE ServicePack16 AS400 coexistant
We also had the same problem. For item notes use Courier New, size 12 font. It prints perfectly. But still we have problems with special characters.
Hey that works. Is there a way to change the default font for the MO? When
I insert my audit info, it reverts back to the default Arial-12, and
therefore doesn't print correctly. I couldn't find anywhere where we can
programmatically change the font and size.

Thanks much,
Re: RE: Media Object retrieval problem

Well JDE has finally found the fix to our Media Object text truncation problem. Our problem was occuring with Windows NT and the interface between OW and NT. JDE was finally able to recreate the problem in their lab and have made changes to the jdekrnl.dll. I have tested those changes on my machine and they work great. The fix will be available in SP18 or you can request a one off for SP17.1. You can reference the SAR 5522289 on the Knowledge Garden.