Import into JDE Table via XML instead of CSV



Has anyone been able to load from a XML file into JDE?

A customer is currently loading a CSV file into JDE, but now need this input file to be XML.

The XML file sample would contain the following:

Below is a sample of their current CSV source data for importing into JDE.

Does anyone have any idea what would be the simplest solution to do this?

Can this be done via ER code, or a Table Conversion.

Any response will be much appreciated.


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I think R98403XB would be the easiest solution, but it expects a complete table XML and in a specific format. If you can reformat your XML to match what JDE expects, this can be a way forward. It's extremely fast. And this UBE offers some flexibility through its PO's.

As for importing custom XML, I do not think JDE has ready functionality with sufficient flexibility for this. But of course anything can be developed either inside or outside of JDE to do such things, if there's sufficient desire.


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Have a look at this Oracle support document: E1: BSFN: How to Import Data in XML file to JDE Table ? (Doc ID 1674702.1)

It is not particularly helpful other than listing some existing business functions/UBE's that process XML that you can then study to implement your custom import. They use the Xerces API's that are exposed by the JDE runtime.

Is this data going through to a Z-File? If so, I would personally try to leverage the database or an integration platform to do the heavy lifting of XML parsing and inserting into the Z-File and then triggering a Z-File load UBE.

If you need to stick with the JDE tool set then studying the few standard JDE objects that import XML should give you what you need.


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Without any practical experience, is XSLT a possibility here? From what I understand, it's a way to transform XML into other forms, including another XML document. Since the target XML (JDE format) is static, could this transformation work? (Obviously, it's different for each implementation)



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XML can be varied, so no BSFN will exist to do exactly as you want, you'd have to use it tandem with other stuff.

As Alex says, use R98403XA to extract data (from E1) and R98403XB to load it back in. I use it all the time for copying data around and to quickly setup test data


Thank you all for your valued responses. Since the XML input file will always be the same elements, I used the B76B0220 BSFN (Fetch Next Line From Fat File), to scrub and retrieve the values on line 3, 5, and 6 in a looping statement.