1. Import into JDE Table via XML instead of CSV

    Hi, Has anyone been able to load from a XML file into JDE? A customer is currently loading a CSV file into JDE, but now need this input file to be XML. The XML file sample would contain the following: <upload> <shipments> <shipmentCode>Test2_20180901</shipmentCode> <containers>...
  2. parse field with special characters

    I have a file (.csv) I need to import that is comma delimited, however one of the fields looks like this: DSI000417214258SF000182 189970JHOWZEDSISCAN32MCAQ00321 I don't know how to define the delimiter in this field to break out the individual...
  3. Importing Data from Oracle SQL Developer into JDE Tables

    This should be simple, but I can't find any documentation about it at all. Has anyone used Oracle SQL Developer to upload rows from a JDE table export (CSV file) into an existing JDE table? How is it accomplished?