table conversion

  1. Table Conversion on iseries

    How does the Table conversion process work on the As400? What command do you run to kick it off?
  2. Import into JDE Table via XML instead of CSV

    Hi, Has anyone been able to load from a XML file into JDE? A customer is currently loading a CSV file into JDE, but now need this input file to be XML. The XML file sample would contain the following: <upload> <shipments> <shipmentCode>Test2_20180901</shipmentCode> <containers>...
  3. CSV to Tab Delimited

    I have a CSV file that I need to convert to a Tab Delimited Text. I think that a table conversion should do this, but I can't get it to work. It inputs the CSV and then outputs again in comma separated. I will start by asking, should a table conversion be able to do this, and I am just doing it...
  4. jdecoder

    Need to collect errors in a thread.

    Here is the deal guys. I have some multiple foreign tables that need to insert / update and I am using TC to get this done. Now if there is an error it should be all or none. I was not able to put a transaction boundary around the individual TCs. Now I can write a fancy C BSFN to load the table...
  5. Calling Table Conversion

    HI All, I am calling a table conversion from an interactive application. How can i wait for the table conversion to complete running, prompt a message before proceeding with the rest of the code? Please help. Thanks Regards, edwardkch24
  6. Calling Table Conversion from Interactive Applications

    Hi All, I would like to ask, is it possible to call a table conversion from an interactive application and wait till it's done processing before proceeding with the rest of the code? I notice that this doesn't happen with JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1. It calls the table conversion and proceed with the...