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table conversion

  1. M

    Table Conversion on iseries

    How does the Table conversion process work on the As400? What command do you run to kick it off?
  2. J

    Import into JDE Table via XML instead of CSV

    Hi, Has anyone been able to load from a XML file into JDE? A customer is currently loading a CSV file into JDE, but now need this input file to be XML. The XML file sample would contain the following: <upload> <shipments> <shipmentCode>Test2_20180901</shipmentCode> <containers>...
  3. D

    CSV to Tab Delimited

    I have a CSV file that I need to convert to a Tab Delimited Text. I think that a table conversion should do this, but I can't get it to work. It inputs the CSV and then outputs again in comma separated. I will start by asking, should a table conversion be able to do this, and I am just doing it...
  4. jdecoder

    Need to collect errors in a thread.

    Here is the deal guys. I have some multiple foreign tables that need to insert / update and I am using TC to get this done. Now if there is an error it should be all or none. I was not able to put a transaction boundary around the individual TCs. Now I can write a fancy C BSFN to load the table...
  5. E

    Calling Table Conversion

    HI All, I am calling a table conversion from an interactive application. How can i wait for the table conversion to complete running, prompt a message before proceeding with the rest of the code? Please help. Thanks Regards, edwardkch24
  6. E

    Calling Table Conversion from Interactive Applications

    Hi All, I would like to ask, is it possible to call a table conversion from an interactive application and wait till it's done processing before proceeding with the rest of the code? I notice that this doesn't happen with JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1. It calls the table conversion and proceed with the...