1. E9.2 Export CSV row exit downloads TXT file instead CSV file

    Hi All, Its observed that in our 9.2 PD920 env for a job when we click the print csv option it downloads as .csv file for 16mb size of data but for another same report job it downloads as .txt file for 25mb size of data. Is there some setting or some system level operation that the print csv...
  2. Importing csv data into custom table in jde

    HI everyone , I just had my training on jde, and as i am still fresh i need some help. I have a custom table , based on F4141 . The whole point is , i am supposed to receive a csv file , check the quantity , and if it's different than the original that was stored on the F4141 , to update the...
  3. Import into JDE Table via XML instead of CSV

    Hi, Has anyone been able to load from a XML file into JDE? A customer is currently loading a CSV file into JDE, but now need this input file to be XML. The XML file sample would contain the following: <upload> <shipments> <shipmentCode>Test2_20180901</shipmentCode> <containers>...
  4. Can we create multiple tabs in CSV output ?

    I have reached max limit of 81 columns in CSV output, but still need to add few more fields in output. Not sure if we can add more than 81 columns or can create multiple tabs in single file.
  5. parse field with special characters

    I have a file (.csv) I need to import that is comma delimited, however one of the fields looks like this: DSI000417214258SF000182 189970JHOWZEDSISCAN32MCAQ00321 I don't know how to define the delimiter in this field to break out the individual...
  6. Importing Data from Oracle SQL Developer into JDE Tables

    This should be simple, but I can't find any documentation about it at all. Has anyone used Oracle SQL Developer to upload rows from a JDE table export (CSV file) into an existing JDE table? How is it accomplished?
  7. Creating a CSV file using Create!Form

    I am trying to email the CSV output from a UBE using Create!Form. ideally, I would just setup Director to email the csv file created by the UBE. From the research I have done, director is not able to do this withe the csv file generated by the UBE and it was suggested that I perform the...
  8. TomInNorthCarolina

    Mass Export of JDE BOMs to CSV File

    We have sold several product lines and I need to be able to export the single-level and multi-level BOMs to a excel file(s). There are ober 10k to export. Does anyone know of way to do a mass export? Is there a SQL statement available that would do it? Any suggestions?