Importing csv data into custom table in jde


HI everyone ,

I just had my training on jde, and as i am still fresh i need some help. I have a custom table , based on F4141 . The whole point is , i am supposed to receive a csv file , check the quantity , and if it's different than the original that was stored on the F4141 , to update the custom table . I am stuck , at the very begging. I don't know how to retrieve column data from a csv file ...If anyone can help i would appreciate it , i am kind of stuck ... i figured out what to do next , but no idea on how to begin with ..

Thanks in advance ,
The only "out of the box" tool in JDE (that I know of) to parse a CSV file is a table conversion (TC) UBE, so you should probably start there. I would assume that TCs were covered in you training.
Flat file Import to custom table. Then custom UBE to process your custom table into your F4141, as per Z file processing or EDI F47's
Depending on how many rows are on your table you could use a headerless detail and place the logic in the Update / Add grid row events when a user clicks OK/Save

Or you could use some of the handy BSFNs in E1 to read the external CSV yourself and parse the fields out, but this way is long winded and your UBe needs access to the file address folder.

Function Name:; FetchNextLineFromFlatFile
Souce Module: B76B0220
Description: Fetch Next Line from Flat File

00001 -FetchNextLineFromFlatFile(B76B0220.FetchNextLineFromFlatFile)
FC Path_PTH [PTH] -> szFlatFileName [PTH]
VA frm_GenericLongFilePtr_GENLNG [GENLNG] <> idFilePtr [GENLNG]
FC Record for A/P Bank Tape - EnterpriseOne [APTA] <- szFlatFileRecord [APTA]
"1500" -> mnRecordLength [RECL]