Creating a CSV file using Create!Form


I am trying to email the CSV output from a UBE using Create!Form. ideally, I would just setup Director to email the csv file created by the UBE. From the research I have done, director is not able to do this withe the csv file generated by the UBE and it was suggested that I perform the following (this was pulled from JDEList)

In your Cdirector project you will do the following;
- Ctransform to extract data from PDF and write to CSV file in the required format
- Send (write) the result (CSV file) to a file location
- Send email message, attaching the CSV file to the email

we have version

I do not see an option for ctransform in director, but I do see File Conversion as an option. (This seems like the logical choice - to convert the PDF to a CSV)
For the life of me, i can't figure out how to create a CSV file using FileConversion. I don't see any options to save the output as a CSV.

Can someone point me in the right direction?
Create!Form is something that belongs in a different forum than this