E9.2 Cross Reference and End Report (future) event (UBE report level event)



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HI folks

In Cross Ref we can check everywhere a BSFN is used for example, but to my eyes it seems to be ignoring ER in the report level UBE event End Report and any code used in there

This even is very useful as it's when the UBE is ending and the output files, CSV. PDF etc are available to us. So over the years I've written a few FTP and email type code into this event to pick up the attachments etc. SO now I need to check everywhere using such BSFNs as we are implimenting virtual batch queues and the code can get confused on what server the file is on and the actual job #.
I just want to check if anyone has come across this or knows of a work around.


I am probably silly to ask the basic questions, but:

Have you re-run the xref build for UBEs and verified that a known BSFN call doesn't show up in the facility after the build finishes? If so, this smacks me as a bug that Oracle should get to fixin'.
Yep all re run. Even in the code I know the said BSFN resides in and has been there since 2014 they are not showing :)
So I wouod say it's a bug yes