E9.1 Is Excel application required to read record from a File when using FetchNextLineFromFlatFile BSFN

Loveen Mehta

Hi Everyone,

I have developed a report to read record from CSV file and insert in to JDE table.
When tested on local desktop, the report reads the sample CSV file and inserts records in table.
But when it tries to read the same sample CSV file from FTP location it returns error code 3003 (Open of File Unsuccessful).

I am suspecting it is because of Microsoft excel application which is installed on the local desktop but not in FTP location.
Can anyone please confirm if this is the cause?

excel is not needed to read CSV file. A CSV file is just a text file. Either you the file in that location open in Excel or your file name is incorrect or not in the location you think it is.
Loveen, Scott is correct, Excel should not be involved if you're using JDE business functions to open and read a flat file. But there are a few possible issues.
It's a good idea to include your hardware/software platform information in your signature so we don't need to ask. Your local desktop is most likely running on Windows. When you try to read from the FTP location, are you still running the job on your desktop or on a server? If running on a server, is it a Windows server? And is your FTP location also on a Windows server? Most of the JDE flat file functions will usually only work when executed on a Windows machine and when the flat file is also on a Windows machine.
Your ENT server is probably not mapped to your CSV file locations network drive.
That's what it usually is
Thank you Scott, Kim and John.
Yes, Excel is not required. It was related to access to the FTP location because of which the report was not able to read the flat file.
Thank you for your response and sorry for the delay in updating the thread.