Reading from Flat file (XML) and adding substrings as data to table


Hi everyone ,

I need help.I want to use an UBE to read an XML as a flat file , and by using Fetch next Line from flat file , cut a substring between the <MS1:MsgId> to </MS1:MsgId> for example , and store it in a custom table , already built to match the type of the data we are going to extract from the flat file. Thing is , what would be the most effective way to check in each line if there is the data we are looking for and how to make the loop for searching the entire XML with 40 columns and unknown incoming row.

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Have a play around with BSFN B74XML01

There is a module in there called XML Get XML Value by Tag Name G74. Also N7090070


Thanks a lot John ,

the project was put on pause until February , so i will have a look at the BSFN you suggested ! Hope it works out!