How to secure custom business services using SSL ?


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Just curious to know how to secure custom JAX-WS business services developed (Tools and weblogic 10.3.6). I've built the bssv package and deployed into the weblogic application server. My custom business service deployed is not secured. No errors found in clientBuild package.

Any additional configurations required to secure custom business services ?

Steps followed:-
1. E1BSSVAuthenticatorV2 is listed in providers of security realm.
2. Copied demoTrust.jks and bssvPolicy.xml into the WLS domain.
3. Enabled SSL port for my bssv server.
4. Restarted my admin server and bssv server.

Any thoughts/insights?
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Anybody knows how to secure JAX-WS business services? JAX-RPC is getting secured after the BSSV package is deployed but JAX-WS business services are not secured ( meaning I'm able to access the business service w/o passing credentials in SOAP header)