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How to make schedule


How to make schedule in World, example I want to jde automatically run my add on object (P5501) in daily ? And How to set the schedule ? if possible please give me detail instruction.
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You have 2 simple job schedulers available to you: one provided by IBM, and one by J.D. Edwards. You access the IBM one through WRKJOBSCDE, and the JDE one is called Sleeper. IMO the IBM job scheduler is nicer to work with and is much more intuitive, but Sleeper has the advantage that it is specifically designed to work with JDE and therefore understands things like Dream Writer versions.

You will find Sleeper documented in the Technical Foundation manual under the headings:
Unattended Night Operations (Sleeper)
Set Up Sleeper
Schedule Unattended Operations
Submit One-Time Jobs Using Hidden Selection 82
Activate Sleeper

The IBM job scheduler is documented in Job Scheduler for OS/400 Document Number SC41-5324-00 which you can find at http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/pubs/html/as400 .

Which should you use? Sleeper was designed out of necessity before the IBM scheduler was available. If you're not already running it I would avoid it like the plague and stick with the IBM scheduler if you possibly can. That's just a personal opinion, however.

Dave Kahn (World A7.3 cum 10)