Flat file access issue

ashwin E1

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Hi I created a flat file in my C drive as C:/file.txt and sending the same to my report through PO. and I debugged the report. while the B34A1010 (Open Flat file) function is working correctly and getting a file pointer. then the function B76B0220 (fetch next line from fat file)is called and this return a error and no data is returned. but i test the same business function through Object browser app using the same input data and it works perfect(fetched the line).
So I don't understand why the same file, in same location is working through object browser but not through JDE. Would anyone be able to help. any access to be granted?Checked the logs too and no error is displayed.. Jde version is E910. I run the program in local fat client.


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If you have installed Visual Studio, you can just debug B76B0220 to know the issue. I have just opened the BF, and it is having few lines only.

ashwin E1

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When i tested through JDE the pointer for the file returned by B34A1010 is "1001". but through object browser the pointer values is "1". and this is the issue. the pointer value of 1001 is large to be handled by B76B0220 and thus is returning error. I dont understand the reason for the pointer vaule being different for same input values when tested through object browser and through JDE. At the same time these BSFN's are working fine in web.
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you don´t need to use B34A1010 (Open Flat file) to get line from flat file. I use only B76B0220.FetchNextLineFromFlatFile and it works fine.