Custom report R550402_C001 - Employee Expense Flat File - 1464 not being generated


Currently in JDE 9.1 we are using Formscape to generate EFT flat file that is saved on our network folder.
This is how it is currently set up:
R04570 - Create Payment Control Groups

R04571 - A/P Auto Payments - Print Driver

R04572 - A002 - Print Automatic Payments - Standard Format

R04572T1_A001 - Create A/P Bank Tape - PPD Format (Creates the EFT summary)

R550402_C001 - Employee Expense Flat File - 1464 (Generates the EFT flat file and saves it in the network folder)

R04574_ZJDE0001 - Print A/P Payments Debit Statements
We are now upgrading to JDE 9.2 and are going to use BI Publisher instead of Formscape for printing cheques and EFT Payment Summary. The EFT flat file report - R550402_C001 - Employee Expense Flat File - 1464, is not getting kicked in when we run Write function in Work with Payment Groups.
Thank You!

Kindly advise how to fix or if we are missing a step.

Those UBEs are defined in the Payment Instrument Defaults P0417. Ask your functional/business analysts to review the setup in the new release.