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  1. A

    Flat file access issue

    Hi I created a flat file in my C drive as C:/file.txt and sending the same to my report through PO. and I debugged the report. while the B34A1010 (Open Flat file) function is working correctly and getting a file pointer. then the function B76B0220 (fetch next line from fat file)is called and...
  2. W

    Invalid Format Error When Running R47002C for Inbound 850 Flatfile

    Hi - I am trying to convert an inbound 850 flatfile using R47002C. The format is set up to go into F47011 and F47012. The delimiters are a comma (,) to separate fields and an apostrophe (" ") to delimit text. If anyone has resolved this problem and you please let me know how you resolved the...
  3. B

    Processing options P4101 in R4101Z1i

    Hi all, I am currently trying to upload test data to table F4101 using only minimum fields as white paper describes. the problem is i can get the data into the Z table (F4101Z1) but no further, i believe the problem lies in the processing options of P4101, anyone has any advice on how to...
  4. selinta

    How to insert a row into a flat file

    Hello! Please, help me! How can I insert a row to the begin (not to the end) of an existing flat file? Or modify an existing row? --------------------------- Thank you!
  5. R

    Unable to read data from FlatFile

    Hai Everyone, I have a flatfile header and details data. Used FETCH NEXT LINE FROM FLATFILE business function to fetch each record from the file and tried to insert the same into the table. I took while loop to insert and in that loop I took one more FETCH NEXT LINE FROM THE FLATFILE to fetch...