1. Flat file access issue

    Hi I created a flat file in my C drive as C:/file.txt and sending the same to my report through PO. and I debugged the report. while the B34A1010 (Open Flat file) function is working correctly and getting a file pointer. then the function B76B0220 (fetch next line from fat file)is called and...
  2. Invalid Format Error When Running R47002C for Inbound 850 Flatfile

    Hi - I am trying to convert an inbound 850 flatfile using R47002C. The format is set up to go into F47011 and F47012. The delimiters are a comma (,) to separate fields and an apostrophe (" ") to delimit text. If anyone has resolved this problem and you please let me know how you resolved the...
  3. Processing options P4101 in R4101Z1i

    Hi all, I am currently trying to upload test data to table F4101 using only minimum fields as white paper describes. the problem is i can get the data into the Z table (F4101Z1) but no further, i believe the problem lies in the processing options of P4101, anyone has any advice on how to...
  4. selinta

    How to insert a row into a flat file

    Hello! Please, help me! How can I insert a row to the begin (not to the end) of an existing flat file? Or modify an existing row? --------------------------- Thank you!
  5. Unable to read data from FlatFile

    Hai Everyone, I have a flatfile header and details data. Used FETCH NEXT LINE FROM FLATFILE business function to fetch each record from the file and tried to insert the same into the table. I took while loop to insert and in that loop I took one more FETCH NEXT LINE FROM THE FLATFILE to fetch...