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E9.1 Fixed Asset Rollforward


Has anyone been able to get a fixed asset rollforward directly out of EnterpriseOne? Did you create a custom report or how were you able to run this? I'm looking for information with beginning balances, additions, transfers, deletions, and ending balances


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It's been a long time, I don't know that we went full on to a rollforward, but we created a report showing beginning balance, additions, retirements and ending balances. I think you should be able to add transfers in as well.

We created a custom report using the Fixed Asset Report Writer, which is really just a template of RDA. It comes with a predefined business view, a lot of smart fields to do the calculations for you, along with a processing option template. This doc shows the smart fields available FA Smart Fields .

It seems like we also copied their predefined BSVW and added the F0006 to it, so we could more easily report on our org structure.