fixed asset

  1. E9.2 Recording a Partial Impairment of Fixed Asset in JDE

    Interested in hearing the approach you are using for recording a Partial Impairment of Fixed Asset in JDE. For instance if the Carrying Value/NBV of a Fixed Asset is $750, but the Recoverable Amount is now $700, how are you recording the impairment charge of $50 to JDE: Do you record impairment...
  2. Rauf

    E8.1 Wrong Fixed Asset opening balance uploaded.

    During conversion of one of legacy software to JDE, the Fixed Asset (FA) module is uploaded with wrong balance. It's like FA module and Trial Balance (TB) is not matching (some of the balance of disposed assets not included in TB, but included in FA module ). For example, the category Office...
  3. E9.1 Fixed Asset Rollforward

    Has anyone been able to get a fixed asset rollforward directly out of EnterpriseOne? Did you create a custom report or how were you able to run this? I'm looking for information with beginning balances, additions, transfers, deletions, and ending balances
  4. Rauf

    Asset Transfer R12108 gives No Transactions (F0911) Created

    We have run asset transfer to a newly created company and it gives the below message. The asset have NBV. *** No Transactions (F0911) Created *** *** Batch Header Record Deleted *** So I could not see the batch as it is deleted. Why this is happening ?
  5. Rauf

    Fixed Asset - Negative Net Book Value

    Is there any chance the NBV of a fixed asset to be negative value ? Some assets in the Fixed Asset module shows NBV as negative and it happened during the February 2018. And for June 2018, the system suddenly adjusts the negative amounts which results in big drop in accumulated depreciation...
  6. Rauf

    Fixed Asset - Forgot to close the year and run depreciation for new year

    One user did not do year close for December 2017 and calculated depreciation for January 2018 and posted. When I checked the Fixed Asset Balance file (F1202), it inserted record for 2018 with balance up to November 2017. Now, what are the procedure to fix the balance for 2018. As I'm new to...
  7. Mike Mackinnon

    Fixed Asset - Single Asset (Missed)

    We have a situation where a fixed asset was missed during running of depreciation. We would like to be able to run the depreciation on the single asset but are unsure if this will cause any problems. I have run the preliminary depreciation on the asset (proof mode) and appear to get the...