ER Compare (DV with local specification)


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Hello there

I have a question when I compare DV with local specification it has some errors shows in the screen shot.
My assumption was if you checkout the object will override the local specification and will be same as DV. or may be these items may be ignore or i don't know I see these errors?



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If you do a check-out, you will overwrite the current 'local' specifications with what is in Development.

Thanks Daniel

I think I have to install latest package in my fat client machine? which I miss sometimes otherwise I will get errors as I attach in the screen shot.

Hello adeel,

You've to do a Get to the DSTR related to the BSFN.


Thanks Luis
My real concern was that if I deploy object as it is, will this be a problem?
Hi Luis

May be I am doing wrong, under ER compare menu<edit menu> there is option called auto merge application, when I do that it removes the errors but when I save and exit the screen, I get errors on validating, some are below:

/* CER ERROR #3005 : Unable to fetch DS template items */
Function Name: P77100_W77100A_1_1582
Function Description: ER for W77100A_1_1582
Form: W77100A - Work With Canadian Year-End Workbench
Control: 1 - Grid
Event: 1582 - Row is Entered
Seq #: 372
Line #: 370
Line Text: F77200A.Fetch Single
/* F77200A */


/* CER ERROR #3029 : Missing SVR Dtl record */
Function Name: P77100_W77100A_208_0
Function Description: ER for W77100A_208_0
Form: W77100A - Work With Canadian Year-End Workbench
Control: 208 - Amend Mag Media Amend
Event: 0 - Button Clicked
/* Disabling Event Line */

Are you recommending me to go Advanced get and override the local specification, for BSFN function involved in the application?