E1 Page Generator installation


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Hello there
I have downloaded the E1 page generator 4.0.1 for 9.1.2 release also tried the older version 3.1

When i run the batch file it suppose to created the files in the output folder for demo .dat files instead the screen flash and nothing get created.
I have check via cmd that i have java and zip install.
Is there anything i have to do? please let me know, i tried looking in the documents and found nothing.

E1 Page Generator version 4.1.1 is out, so you might want to download that if you want the latest. With this version, you need a different zip.exe. You can open an SR with Oracle support and they will supply you with the correct zip.exe file. The one I received from them has a description of "Info-ZIP for Win32 console", file version and its size is 253 KB.
Hi Don

I read on the support document that the version 4.1.1 is for tool 9.1.4 that is why i did not download that.

If that is not the case i will try that. Is it possible that you can give me zip.exe file and i will try? you can rename as .txt for. opening case with them is pain
Also do i need to put zip file same directory in the E1PAGEgenerator folder?

Move the .dat files to the dat_files directory and then run the script. By default the .dat files are in dat_files\examples.